This is my personal website: "yesco" is how an American should pronounce my initials J-S-K to make it sound almost like a Swede would do.


Who am I? My name is Jonas S Karlsson, I program for fun. I also meditate. Do Zen, eat lasagna (in China), drink Dong Lai Cha (in HK), and do Kung Fu Cha. I wish I was a Tai Chi master. But well...


Data Scientist, PhD, Hacker, see my resume/CV (text file for easy processing).


Used to work at Google designed and built Google Megastore used by many projects, among others - Google App Engine. Also built and designed the instant indexing engine of Google Wave, as well as it's system wide indexing load balance and recovery system providing reliability of data and persistence of user action, making sure no updates were lost.

Before then, worked at IBM building tiny embedded database system, 200KB SQL storage engine with CLP etc, similar to SQLLite, it was used as shared library on mobile phones. Also worked on Cloudscape native java JDBC ORDBMS, helped transition it into Aparche Derby.


In ancient times, I did PhD on Scalable Distributed Data Structures for Scalable Parallel Storage Engines, at CWI/Holland, as well as LiTH/LiU/Sweden.



I'm working on Panda, a new programming language. It's written in javascript compiles to javascript in nodejs or compiles and runs entirely with-in the browser. It's geared towards fast interaction data centric programming and has some features that "reminds" people of functional jquery set operators. It has no explicit ifs, maps, or loops. Functional and "typed", but doesn't obsess about type systems.


You want to give me money? Sure..., but I mostly do consulting now adays... I do consulting in reviewing and planning Scalability, Reliability of your system.




I like prototyping innovating new things, either for learning technologies or understanding the essence of it. In many cases I "did" something that was later "invented"...


Did REST in 1996, my own webserver that acted as web app for a backend online conference system (CMC), scalable architecture because of "REST"-style architecture, Tried to use "Ajax", but javascript+DOM was too infantile. 1998 did "server pages" in the webserver code using my own templating language. My own "flickr" for tagging my 40K photos 2001. wiki in 2000, used it to build a CMS that powered my website. The wiki had full GUI html editing using PUT requests and Netscape Page Edit. No need for elaborate wiki syntax. Many features of what later is similar to what "Google Wave" did - notification of changes, default inline diffs. Online shared calendar+address book where friends could update their own entries. Online bookmark mgt system, etc... 2002. My own database storage engine and query programming language implementations in C in 2002, in java in 2006.